By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

This could be the best news you’ve heard all year and it’s true! Researchers in England say chocolate can help you lose weight!

According to a new study, eating chocolate before dinner might help you lose weight because it suppresses your appetite. But before you get too excited, it has to be dark chocolate. Hey, who cares? it’s chocolate, right?

According to the Daily Mail, researchers in England had three groups of women eat a tiny bit of chocolate before meals and then tracked them for three weeks to see how much they ate.

Some of them had dark chocolate, some had milk chocolate, and some had white chocolate. The ladies who had dark chocolate consumed approximatelyt 20% fewer calories during their next meal than the ones who ate milk chocolate. And the good news is they felt just as full.

The ones who ate white chocolate actually ate the most. consuming about 10% more calories than the milk chocolate group and 30% more than the ones who ate dark chocolate.

So, a small amount of dark chocolate before dinner might actually help you lose weight. No, not an entire Hershey’s dark chocolate bar. Experts think it works because of a compound found in dark chocolate that makes you digest carbs more slowly, which suppresses your appetite.


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