By Adam Alexander

By: Adam Alexander
What year did France stop using the guillotine?  What percentage of households had a Nintendo in 1990?  What was Saddam Hussein’s reelection song?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. 30% of households in America had a Nintendo in 1990. And only 23% had personal computers. (Wikipedia)

2. Suge Knight played in two games in the NFL, for the Los Angeles Rams in 1987. He was a defensive end and wound up with zero stats: No tackles, sacks, or anything else. (Football Database)

3. Saddam Hussein used Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” as his campaign re-election song in 2002. And I guess it was REALLY effective, because he won with 100% of the vote. (Global News)

4. France didn’t stop executing people with the guillotine until September of 1977. To put that another way, they were still executing people by guillotine when the original “Star Wars” came out. (History)

5. Russia and Pluto have almost the exact same surface area: 6.6 million square miles. (Wolfram Alpha)


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