Before I say anything about the vegan-leaning documentary, “What The Health,” I need to preface that I already monitor what I eat and I try and be conscious of where my food comes from. That being said, I still stray from the “healthy” eating plan most Americans follow on occasion and find myself starting my “diet” over again.

However, this documentary isn’t necessarily a program on how to lose weight, it’s more so on exposing our food and health industries and the dirty practices of some of those who claim they are there to help the sick while they take money from big corporations.

We’re taught to get our protein from meats, vitamins from fruits and vegetables, and energy from carbohydrates.

However, what we’re not taught is what is actually in our food. What kind of fertilizers are being used? What kind of hormones and antibiotics are in our meats?

The current trend is local and organic. Many Americas are opting to spend a bit more to get that “USDA Organic” seal in hopes that it’s better for you. Which, for the most part I’m sure it is better and has less hormones and antibiotics, but how can we be sure? Just because a seal is slapped on it and it tells us it’s organic, is it really hormone free?

I’ve never taken things at face value and always like to do some digging, which is where the internet and documentaries like “What The Health” on Netflix come in handy.

While documentaries clearly take a side on an issue, it’s meant more for us to do our own research and draw our own conclusions using the information they provide us with.

One thing I learned is that many of the major “associations” for cancer, diabetes, heart, etc, have a lot of the sponsorship money coming in from pharmaceutical companies. I’m sorry…what?!

This blew my mind. The organizations that are supposedly looking for a cure take money from pharmaceutical companies that make money off the very people raising money for a cure. How a** backwards is that?!

“What The Health” in my mind, exposed a major problem in our country, and that is that these organizations that are supposedly dedicating their time to find a cure, are simply making money off of sick people.

I’m sure most people working for these organizations truly want to find a cure for cancer and diabetes, but it’s just a little confusing to see the evidence, and it is there. You can look up each and every donor to these charities as it’s public information.

The documentary clearly pushes a vegan lifestyle, even citing evidence that a whole-food vegan diet can reverse certain cancers, diabetes, and blood disorders. While I’m a little skeptical on that part, and will need more evidence to fully get behind that movement, I certainly believe a more plant based diet has it’s benefits.

I also believe eating animal proteins in the abundance we do is harmful, especially if the products are chemically altered with hormones and antibiotics.

While I am not saying for anyone to alter their lifestyle based off of my opinions, I would recommend watching the 92-minute documentary simply to see if it strikes a chord with you. It certainly did for me.

I already have cut red meat and dairy down to a minimal amount and I could easily do without pork and lunch meats. Chicken I have a hard time with because I simply enjoy eating chicken and eggs, but I’m willing to give it the ole’ college try and see if I can fully sustain my lifestyle on a vegan leaning diet.

Again, I am NOT trying to sway anyone towards what I believe, I simply think people should be aware of what is going on in our food industry and know what they’re feeding their children.

Do you know where your food is REALLY coming from?



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