By Adam Alexander

by: Adam Alexander

Chances are if you are reading this, #1 on the list is already true.  This information comes to you from and they say that here at 9 signs that your significant other might be having an affair.

It might be easy to jump to conclusions if you think it’s possible that your partner is having an affair. It’s important to remember, however, that exhibiting typical signs of an affair doesn’t mean they are having one.  Similarly, it’s possible that your partner doesn’t exhibit any of these signs, but could still be engaging in an affair. Either way, knowing the classic signs of cheating could ultimately make things better for you down the road.  So, do yourself a favor and learn the classic signs of an affair before you’re in too deep.

1. You Just Have A Feeling
Intuition is a tricky thing. You don’t want to give it too much power and spend your life feeling overly suspicious if there’s no reason to be, but there are also definitely times when you want to trust what it’s telling you.

2. They’re Putting Extra Effort Into Their Appearance
Sometimes it’s nice when your partner tries a little harder to pull themselves together or get a little gussied up for date night. But when they’re putting in extra effort for a day at the office, you might start to suspect that something’s up.

3. You Two Aren’t Spending Much Time Together
You don’t need to do everything together all of the time.  That being said, if you spend far more time alone than you do together, it could be a sign that all is not well.

4. Your Sex Life Has Drastically Changed
You might assume that your sex life would take a serious hit if your partner is cheating — and it might — but it could actually improve. In an interview with Women’s Health, psychotherapist Ginnie Love said that if the affair hasn’t gotten physical yet, your partner may channel that desire into your relationship.

5. They Have New Credit Cards In Their Name Only
If you two don’t have joint accounts, this probably isn’t all that suspicious. But if you do and they open new ones in their name, it could be a red flag.

6. They Get Defensive
In an interview with Woman’s Day, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Oikle said that if your partner gets defensive when you start asking questions, it could be a giveaway that they’re having an affair because, if they weren’t, the accusations would seem so preposterous that they’d laugh at them. Still, if they seem upset by some of your questioning, it might not be because they’re having an affair, so try to keep your cool.

7. They Avoid Get-Togethers With Friends And Family
In a piece for Your Tango, licensed professional counselor Dr. Michael Howard wrote that if your partner either skips social gatherings or only makes a temporary appearance, it could be a sign that they’re having an affair. Again, there could be other explanations for why they’re so busy, but affairs tend to affect the social lives of those engaging in them.

8. They’re Not Treating You The Same Way
There are all sorts of things that can affect someone’s attitude, but a sudden, unexplained change in attitude could attitude be a sign that something is wrong.

9. Their Tech Use Changes
If they were never really interested in their smartphone, but now they have it practically permanently attached to their hand, it could be a sign that something’s not right, as Love told Women’s Health in the previously-mentioned article. Again, this might not mean that they’re definitely having an affair, but if you’re already suspicious, it could be something for which to watch.


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