Adam’s Fun Facts: Clown Fish, Pink Floyd, Bill Lear & More!

by: Adam Alexander
You are about to learn something about Clown Fish that will really make you scratch your head! Also, Bill Lear is the guy that invented the Lear Jet and the 8 Track Player and his sense of humor when it came to naming his daughter made me love this guy! All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. America had laws against animal abuse before there were laws against child abuse. (New York Times)

2. Bill Lear, the guy who invented Lear Jets, also invented the eight-track tape player. But more importantly, one of his daughters was named Shanda. Shanda Lear. (Wikipedia)

3. Pink Floyd’s album “The Dark Side of the Moon” was on the Billboard top 200 album charts for a record 930 weeks . . . but only spent ONE week at number one, in 1973. (Wikipedia)

4. A can of Coke is 90% water.  A can of Diet Coke is 99% water. (Buzzle)

5. Clownfish, like the ones in “Finding Nemo”, can change from male-to-female if they need to, for reproduction. So in the movie, once Nemo’s mother was killed, his father would’ve grown female sex organs and started reproducing . . . with Nemo. (Cartoon Brew)

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