By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

If have a 14-year old son, so this article caught my attention. It’s a great read, but I disagree with half of them.

Red Tricycle published an article on eight things your kid should be able to do before they become a teenager. Sure, we want our kids to be independent and know how to get through life without Mom and Dad holding their hand. However, I’m not sure I agree with all eight of these. What do you think?

1. Getting Them Up in the Morning- By the time they turn 13, they should be able to use an alarm and get themselves up and ready.

2. Making Breakfast and School Lunches- By the time they’re a teenager, they should be able to fill their own cereal bowl. Plus, they can pack their own lunches and make healthy choices based on the food and snacks your provide in your home.

3. Completing Forms and Paperwork- You know all that paperwork you get on the first day of school? They say let the kids fill it out and you just sign off on it when they’re done.

4. Delivering Items They Forget- They need to take responsibility for being prepared the next day. Do they have their cleats? Their homework? Their lunch money? If not, it’s their problem, not yours.

5. Their Forgetfulness Doesn’t Become Your Emergency- Oh no, I forgot I have a Science project due tomorrow! Does that mean you’re up til midnight helping them? According to this article, that’s on them, not you.

6. Doing Laundry- How many times have you heard, “Mom, is my uniform clean for practice tomorrow?” By the age of 13, they should be doing some, not all, of their laundry.

7. Communicating With Adults- Have a question about a test or can’t make a soccer game? Let the kids call or email their teacher or coach, not you.

8. Snooping Through Grades- Or the Way Red Triangle worded it, “Meddling in their academics.” They say you’re over-parenting and need to stop checking Skyward and grade apps every single day.


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