9 Every Day Things That May Soon Disappear Forever


Let’s face it, technology is taking over and replacing things as quickly as they’re invented. (Remember the Zune mp3 player?)

Well, what about things that have escaped extinction up to this point? Are they safe?

Here’s a list of 9 things that could be gone within the next 20 years.

Delivery Jobs – Amazon has already begun replacing humans with drones and if it proves cost effective and accident free, then we could see places such as FedEx and UPS deploy their own drones to save money and increase delivery effectiveness.

A remote for everything – They already sell universal remotes, but soon we could have the ability to tap a button on our smart phone and never utilize a remote again. In fact, some people believe voice activation is the way of the future for television sets.

Wall chargers – We’re already seeing the popularity of remote charging stations where you simply place your phone on a magnetic pad and it begins wireless charging. The iPhone 7 has done away with headphone jacks and relies solely on Bluetooth, so could charging be next?

Driving – Automakers are determined to have the first self driving car (that’s accident free) and test facilities are popping up everywhere, including right here in Orlando. Could driver-less cars be the next big thing?

Fast food – Americans still want their food in a jiffy, but now-a-days there more conscious of where it comes from and what it’s made with. Millennials are more willing to spend $3 more per meal to ensure their food is organic and hormone free. Could fast food joints be in jeopardy? While I think McDonalds will always reign supreme, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them start offering a more health-conscious menu.

Shopping malls – There’s something therapeutic about a shopping mall to me. Maybe it’s the idea that they’re on their way out. Online shopping has put a tremendous hit on the once American staple. Many stores offer free in-store pickup for online orders as opposed to paying for shipping as a way to compete with the likes of Amazon. In the next 20 years, we could see shopping malls become a thing of the past. I do believe however that major tourist areas will still have malls, just integrated more with entertainment and dining.

DVDs – Like its older sibling the VHS, the DVD could be on its way out. While blu-ray players were supreme for a short while, streaming is the way of the future. No long having to head to a big box store to get your favorite movie, now it’s available right in your living room thanks to Netflix and Hulu.

Home phones – Yes. Some people still have a “landline.” Most people only have cellphones and are opting out of having a landline because it serves no purpose when you’re already paying over $100 a month for a cellphone with unlimited data. The landline is considered extinct to many younger folk.

Coffee Pot – The traditional coffee pot, where you put in a coffee filter and a few teaspoons of your favorite ground coffee and brew a pot of coffee is on the way out. Many people prefer single serving coffee makers as you can brew one pot at a time. Newer Keurig machines have the ability to brew up to 4 cups at a time, eliminating the need for a traditional coffee pot. Restaurants may be the only place where traditional coffee pots will be found in the next 20 years.



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