Adam’s Fun Facts: Red Solo Cups, Fast Food Burgers, Quinceanera & More

By Adam Alexander
What do European tourist collect lots of when they come to America? What is a quinceañera? How many different cows does the average fast food burger contain? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. A quinceañera is the girl celebrating her 15th birthday, not the name of the celebration itself. (Wikipedia)

2. When the Motion Picture Association of America created its ratings system, they didn’t trademark it. So the porn industry started using the X rating and then eventually created the XXX rating. (Mental Floss)

3. Red Solo cups are a popular souvenir for European tourists to take home after they visit America. (Souvenir Finder)

4. The average fast food burger contains meat from around 55 different cows. (Daily Meal)

5. You know the famous State Farm commercials where the wife thinks her husband is having phone sex, but he’s actually talking with an insurance agent named Jake from State Farm? Jake was played by a real State Farm insurance agent, named Jake. (IMDb)

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