By Susie 

As everyone is going crazy and getting worried about Hurricane Irma and their families, let’s not forget about out fur babies. If you think we need water, imagine them!

This year I’ll be forced to spend Irma indoors at my parents house with 3 dogs and 2 cats. I’ve had to board up my home and have accordion shutters on the patio, but chances are they won’t be able to run in the backyard while the storm is happening.

  • Water! of course you need it, and my pets are so used to drinking from the toilet for God knows why, but they’ll definitely need their share. 5-7 days is the normal suggested amount.
  • Collars & leashes. If you are used to letting your animals run out around outside, like I am, chances are you’ll need to walk them and take them out so they’re not afraid of the outside weather or make a mess in your home.
  • Dry and canned food. They’re going to need just as much as we do.
  • Cat Litter. I fail at this, just as it was time to buy more, no stores I went to had any left. Make sure you put a fresh box for each cat or they may get stressed out and mark in certain places. Trust me, you won’t like that smell. Maui (my cat) has anxiety and pulls that every once in a blue moon. Very unpleasant.
  • Comfort Blankets and beds. Animals go crazy during thunderstorms and fireworks. Having something they love to sleep in and smells familiar will definitely help keep them calm. Maui still sleeps in his baby blanket, it’s raggedy but I’ll never get rid of it as long as he needs it.
  • Favorite toys. This will definitely help them keep distracted.
  • Training pads. If you have a new born, these will be great to avoid messes in your house that you may not be able to clean without utilities if the hurrican hits super hard.
  • Up to date medical records and tag information.
  • Prescriptions.¬†We’re not the only ones who take them, make sure you have a decent amount for atleast 5-7 days.
  • Crate/Carrier. If anything were were to happen, make sure you have a carrier for your pet.
  • Lots and lots of hugs and cuddles. They’ll think the world is ending. Mind as well give them what we all need and want.

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