How Hurricane Harvey And Hurricane Irma Saved Us All


It might sound crazy to say, but two back-to-back powerful hurricanes slamming into the United States has seemingly saved us all.

Now hear me out…I don’t mean that it literally saved us from a life threatening situation. In fact, both storms CAUSED those very scenarios in many locations.

However, what these 2 storms did is they saved our sanity and restored the “neighbor helping neighbor” mentality.

Before Hurricane Harvey slammed ashore in Texas, people were at wits end with each other. Each and every day we saw another tragedy on the news.

Whether it be a terrorist group wreaking havoc on a town in Virginia causing a woman to lose her life as a result, or arguing with one another on social media as to whether or not it was a terrorist attack, to what to do with North Korea and how the President isn’t doing enough, or how he’s doing what he needs to.

It seemed like every time we turned around we were growing further and further apart as a nation.

Then came Hurricane Harvey and the devastating damage to the Texas coastline and the biblical flooding of Houston.

People from all over the country activated into help mode and rushed to rescue people of different backgrounds to safety.

We united as a country.

Hot on the heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma slammed the Caribbean and set her eyes on Puerto Rico and then south Florida.

A mere 12 hours after the storm, electric trucks and volunteers from all over activated to head to the sunshine state to aid in the cleanup efforts.

Just last night, celebrities such as Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Brad Paisley, George Strait and more came together for a benefit program to help raise funds for hard hit areas in Texas and at the last minute added many more celebrities to grow the benefit to help aid hard hit areas of Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean.

It’s sad that it takes a natural disaster to remind us to be neighborly. We have to do better. We have to stop arguing with each other and airing out our grievances on social media.

We have to learn to face our problems and stop running away from them. We should look at those different than us and listen to their view points and then explain why we feel the way we do WITHOUT attacking each other for believing in different things.

We can’t fix all of the problems we have overnight, but we’re well on our way. It’s ironic to me that Hurricane Irma hit us on September 11th. A stark reminder that we can be a United States once again…we just have to remember to love thy neighbor regardless of our belief systems or religious background.

I encourage you to pay it forward in some form over the next month. Let’s not wait until another disaster strikes before we come together again. Let’s never stop coming together. Let’s never stop being great.

Let’s also not forget the people who perished during these back-to-back storms and don’t let their deaths be in vain. Let them be a reminder that we have to do better to ensure a better future for our society.

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