By Adam Alexander

By Adam Alexander
Do you have a crazy hangover cure that you SWEAR works? According to science, you’ve just gotta sleep it off, and drink lots of water to re-hydrate. That’s science for you but Uproxx  had their own little study!

Here are six weird hangover cures bartenders have heard:

1. Chugging Gatorade instead of water and mixing in some horseradish.

2. Tripe soup, which involves the lining of a cow’s Stomach!  Good luck choking it down when you’re hung over but if you want to try it, go to a Mexican restaurant and order a dish called “menudo.” Yes, just like ’80s boy band that gave us Ricky Martin.

3. Three Aleves and a big glass of water before bed, then a beer right when wake up the next morning.  That might just delay a hangover though, because the beer gets you buzzed again.

4. Shellfish broth, which is like chicken stock but made with seafood. And you’re supposed to eat a hard-boiled egg with it.

5. A bartender who spent time in Puerto Rico claims there’s an urban legend where you can prevent a hangover by rubbing lemons on your ARMPITS before you start drinking. Added bonus, you will smell like lemons!

6. Alka-Seltzer in coconut water. Which actually sounds half-decent compared to the other ones.


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