By Adam Alexander

By Adam Alexander
How old was Bryan Adams in the summer of 1969? What do they call Sour Patch Kids in France? What color were carrots, originally? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. Sour Patch Kids are called “Very Bad Kids” in France. (France Export)

2. There have been nine songs that were number one hits for two different artists. The most recent was “Lady Marmalade”, which was number one for Labelle in 1975 and for Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink in 2001. (Wikipedia)

3. Carrots were originally several colors, and the most common one was purple. But Dutch farmers in the 16th century bred red and yellow carrots to make orange ones, since it was their royal color and those became the standard. (Green Prophet)

4. It takes 248 years for Pluto to orbit the sun. That means between the time Pluto was discovered in 1930, named a planet, and then eventually declassified and demoted to a “dwarf planet” in 2006, it didn’t even make it halfway through one orbit. (LiveScience)

5. Bryan Adams was only 9 years old in the summer of ’69. (Wikipedia)


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