By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

Having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? A team of researchers say if you follow these ten steps, you’ll sleep like a baby!

A team of researchers polled 2,000 people and they also spoke to sleep experts to find out what it takes for the average person to get the perfect night’s sleep. You probably can’t do all ten steps every night, but if you can, here’s what you need to know…

1. Make sure your room is clean because you will relax without the clutter.

2. Put on fresh sheets.

3. Set the temp to 61 degrees. I know, seems cold, right? But that’s the temperature the average person says they sleep best in.

4. Don’t sleep naked, most people said they sleep better in pajamas or a shirt and underwear. At 61 degrees, that probably makes sense.

5. Make sure the room is totally dark. No lights, no TV.

6. Get in bed at 10:39 P.M. Obviously that won’t work for everyone, but the point is just to give yourself enough time to fall asleep and still get 7-8 hours.

7. Stop using your phone 37 minutes before you close your eyes. Let your brain relax!

8. Read a few pages of a book.

9. Sleep on your right side with your legs curled up.

10. If there’s someone else in bed with you, don’t cuddle with them. Ideally, you should be in your own bed because most people said they sleep better alone.

You can see the full from the Daily Mail here.


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