By Adam Alexander

By Adam Alexander
How many spiders do you really swallow in your lifetime while sleeping? What happens to you if you eat 10 1/2 cups of sugar? What was Guitar Center originally called? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. Guitar Center was called “The Organ Center” when it was founded in 1959, and it sold small appliances and home organs. The name was changed to Guitar Center in 1971. (Guitar Center)

2. Eating 10-and-a-half cups of sugar at once could kill you. (YouTube)

3. Soybeans were named after soy sauce, not vice versa. The word “soy” comes from the Japanese word for the sauce, “shoyu” NOT for the Japanese word for the beans themselves, which is “daizu.” (Culinary Lore)

4. There are only five cities in the world that span across two continents. The biggest one is Istanbul, Turkey!  It’s about 65% in Europe and 35% in Asia. (World Library)

5. There’s an urban legend that you swallow eight spiders a year while you sleep, but it’s not true!  Almost every single person will swallow ZERO spiders in their lifetime.  It was made up by a writer making fun of stupid urban legends and gullible people. (Scientific American)


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