So if you know me even the slightest bit, you know that I’m super jumpy.

If I’m opening a door and someone is on the other side that I don’t see, I jump. Yes. I’m a chicken.

So when it came time to walk into Halloween Horror Nights 27 at Universal Orlando Resort, I didn’t know what to expect.

I had been before, but it was a media event and I was escorted around the park and for the most part, the scare actors didn’t bother us for some reason.

So this time, I was open to the elements so to speak and ready to face my incredible fear of fear.

It started with the “Icon” scare zone which is essentially as soon as you walk in the park. There are strobe effects and fog everywhere so it throws you off and you don’t see the super scary dude walking up to you and then he lunges at you and you hear screams.

However, I didn’t jump or scream. I laughed!

It was bizarre, someone had caught me off guard and I laughed. No jump. No scream. Not even a wince!

Had a conquered my fear? Not quite.

The next scare zone as we made our way to the Mummy roller coaster (after a pit stop at a bar for some liquid courage) was The Purge.

I HATE that movie. I know hate is a strong word, but I HATE it.

So as I’m dodging chainsaws and dudes with bats, I realize, I’m fine. I’m not even remotely scared. I’m more on edge for the people who are running in fear they’ll trample me than the actors who are trying to scare me by ripping a chainsaw into the air.

So after the Mummy, I decided I wasn’t doing any houses because we chose to go to HHN on a Saturday night, a week before Halloween. (Bad move.)

It was very crowded and the wait times for the houses were roughly 110 minutes with ride wait times near the same.

So I decided that the scare zones were enough for this scaredy cat and that I could handle those and maybe some shows or just walking around and people watching. (My ticket was free so I couldn’t care less if I did anything or not.)

We then walked into some alien scare zone and this was more interesting than scary to me. The theming here was fantastic and the aliens looked SO REAL!

After that, my group split up. My friend and I decided to go eat in Diagon Alley and the rest went to a haunted house.

After we ate, we wanted to go ride the Simpsons ride as it only had a 15 minute wait at the time.

Upon entering “Springfield” I was greeted by a clown (NO) with a chainsaw (DOUBLE NO) who made eye contact and chased me.

He got me. I screamed. So did my friend. We ran. We ran all the way back to Diagon Alley (no scare zones or scare actors allowed in there.)

That’s where we stayed. Gringotts had gone down for the night, so all there was to do was drink a butter beer and shop and that’s exactly what I did for an hour while the rest of our group went through 2 more haunted houses.

I then essentially ran walked to the park exit where I met my group and we left after midnight.

All in all, if I enjoyed scary things, Halloween Horror Nights 27 would be the best night of my life. However, since I’m afraid of my own shadow sometimes, I will probably make an excuse next time to sit it out.

It’s not for everyone, especially if you’re like me and a big old baby. However, for thousands and thousands of daredevils and thrill seekers, it’s a perfect night out.

My final thoughts on Halloween Horror Nights…

  1. Buy the Express pass – The lines are VERY long. The special express pass for HHN is worth it and works on houses and rides and makes it much more enjoyable.
  2. Prepare to scream – I even saw veterans screaming and running away from the haunted creatures.
  3. Dress comfortably – You WILL walk a lot. Wheelchairs and scooters are not allowed in the queues of the houses or rides so prepare to transfer.
  4. If you drink, drink responsibly – Security and cops are EVERYWHERE and one wrong move will have you “trespassed”aka kicked out. Don’t be an idiot.
  5. It’s not for kids – I saw a lot of young kids there and while I don’t judge, you just have to know your child’s specific tolerance. If they’re freaked out, leave. It can get very intense.
  6. Go with a group – The night is so much more fun with a group of people.
  7. Stay hydrated – You will most likely be drinking, so keep yourself hydrated so that you don’t end up passing out in a line or in a house.
  8. Have fun – The night is a fun time, even if you’re a chicken like me. After each “AHHH!” comes a big old laugh and sigh of relief that you made it.

All in all, Halloween Horror Nights is still the supreme Halloween event in Orlando. It’s scary, fun, you’ll laugh, you may cry, and at the end you’ll have plenty of memories and be able to say you survived.


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