If you’ve flown out of Orlando International Airport, you know that our TSA lines are some of the longest in the country.

With only Terminal A and B having 1 TSA screening checkpoint, sometimes the wait time can be as long as 45 minutes.

If it seems that every time you got through security, there is a new policy, you’re not alone.

Some days I’m told to remove everything from my pockets, take off my shoes, belt, watch, etc and other times I’m told to keep everything on. (I don’t get it.)

Well, a new TSA policy is going into effect that requires any electronic device larger than a smartphone to be placed in a plastic bin.

This includes laptops, tablets, reading devices, portable gaming devices, etc.

They must be removed completely from your carry on and placed in a separate bin for tighter screening.

“TSA has enhanced its security procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats,” said TSA Federal Security Director Jerry Henderson.

Passengers are asked to arrange their carry on baggage to allow screening devices to easily screen the bags to allow for a faster security experience.

This will not affect those with TSA Pre-Check.

Source: WESH


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