If you get all of your Halloween candy tonight and think to yourself, I want to eat it all…you may be on to something.

According to a dentist fromTemple University pediatric dentist Mark Helpin thinks that might not be such a bad idea in regards to cavities.

“The frequency of eating candy, and other refined carbohydrates, and their stickiness, are big factors in creating the risk of caries (cavities),” he said.

Apparently, eating carbs changes the pH balance of the mouth which makes it more acidic and increases the risk of cavities. Each time you eat a piece of candy, the acid environment in the mouth can take up to an hour to go back to normal levels.

“If I eat a piece of candy now, the pH in my mouth will become acidic, and it will take 30-60 minutes for it to become normal,” said Helpin. “If I eat two or three pieces of candy when I eat that first one, my mouth stays acidic the same length of time that it would if I ate just that single piece. It’s still 30-60 minutes. If I keep eating candy throughout the day, there is acid in my mouth for a much longer period of time. The longer teeth are in an acid environment, the greater the risk they will become decayed.”

If you want to really minimize the acidity and the risk of cavities from candy, eat them with meals when saliva production is higher which will help wash away some of the acidity before it can attack the tooth enamel.

And of course, brush your teeth!


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