By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
Once your kids are in bed, the question is: What type of WINE goes best with their Halloween candy?  Here are six candies, and the best wine to pair with each one according to &

1. Butterfinger.  Try it with a buttery chardonnay.  The flavors go best with a white wine. Ideally one that’s medium-bodied.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Try a Lambrusco.  It’s a sweet wine that goes well with peanut butter for the same reason jelly does.

3. Kit Kats, or anything that’s mostly about the chocolate.  Go with a Pinot Noir or a Syrah. Definitely something red.

4.  Candy corn.  Pop a bottle of champagne or Prosecco. Apparently the waxiness of the candy corn goes well with bubbles. (???)

5. Snickers.  Go with a deep, rich Syrah.  It goes well with chocolate and nuts.

6. Starburst, Nerds, or anything else that’s straight sugar.  Pair it with a dry Riesling, or a dry rosé. You’re already getting enough sugar, so you don’t want anything too sweet.

OR find the house that GIVES wine away.  OK, that’s not a thing, but it should be!  Adults only, of course!


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