By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
How does a patent work when it comes to magic tricks?  How did Luigi from “Super Mario Brothers” get his name?  What tragic event do  Katey Sagal and Jennifer Jason Leigh have in common?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The famous artist Caravaggio is actually FROM the city of Caravaggio, Italy. And he chose to use that as his name because his first name was a guy you may have heard of known as Michelangelo.  Clearly, another artist already had that one claimed. (Walks of Italy)

2. Katey Sagal and Jennifer Jason Leigh both lost their fathers in tragic helicopter accidents on movie sets. (Reddit)

3. The average eel lives to be about 10 to 15 years old. But a few years ago, an eel in Sweden lived to be 155. That’s the equivalent of a person living to 813 to 1,220 years old. (Huffington Post)

4. In the “Super Mario Brothers” series, Luigi’s name is based on the Japanese word ruiji, which means “similar” because Luigi is similar to Mario. No wonder his character seems to have an inferiority complex. (Wikipedia)

5. There’s no copyright or patent protection on magic tricks. If a magician invents a trick, anyone’s free to use it, you just have to figure out how it’s done.  However,  most magicians refuse to use other magicians’ tricks, out of an unwritten code. (Techdirt)


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