Yesterday morning I was driving my usual drive into work when I looked in my rear view mirror as I was coming to a stop and saw a woman approaching quickly behind me doing something so ridiculous while operating a 3,000 pound vehicle.

She was applying EYELINER!

Her eyes were not on the road, but on herself in her fold down mirror as she brushed ink onto her eyelashes.

Luckily I laid on my horn, she looked up and slammed on her brakes and swerved at the last minute avoiding a 45 mph rear end collision.

Now, this could have been avoided had she done one of two things.

She could have one, woken up 30 minutes earlier and applied her makeup in the comfort of her own home and avoided stabbing her eye with and eyeliner pencil.

Or second, she could have left for work sooner and done her makeup in her car in the parking lot as she’s safely parked and not barreling down a 35 mph street at 45 mph. (I know this because I was going 40 and she caught up to me very quickly.

Now, I’m not singling out women here for doing their makeup. This is just what happened to me yesterday.

In fact, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

A few years ago, as I was turning onto the street our radio station is on, a woman driving behind me was applying lipstick in her rear view mirror and swerved at the last second and ran into a ditch because she wasn’t looking where she was going.

Now, everyone is cracking down on texting while driving because, let’s face it, it’s much more common than applying lip gloss or eyeliner while operating a moving vehicle.

However, it should be noted that twice now, I’ve almost had someone rear end me because of makeup.

Distracted driving can be deadly no matter if you’re drunk, high, texting, contouring, whatever.

Your ONLY focus while behind the wheel should be on the road and your surroundings and getting to your destination safely.

No text or amount of makeup is going to matter if you’re in a deadly accident. Although, make-up would make your mugshot look nicer.

If you see distracted driving, call it out. Roll down your window and kindly ask them to not text or apply makeup while driving. They may flip you the bird or curse you out, but at least you tried and trying is the first step in stopping distracted driving.


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