By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
Second only to The Department of Defense, what U.S. company buys the most explosives? Where is Maine lobster really from? What is the MLB Gold Card and how do you get one? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. The U.S. Department of Defense buys the most explosive devices in the world. Who’s number two? The Walt Disney Company, because of all the fireworks they buy for their parks. (Business Insider)

2. The placenta that a woman grows during pregnancy is technically an organ and it’s the only organ that’s meant to leave the body. (Mental Floss)

3. After you play eight years in Major League Baseball, you get a gold card that gives you and a guest free admission to any MLB game for the rest of your life. (Toronto Star)

4. Maine lobster actually refers to a species of lobster called Homarus americanus!  It  doesn’t necessarily mean it comes from Maine.  They can come from as far south as New Jersey. (Wikipedia)

5. No American has ever died outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The three people who DID die were Russian cosmonauts on the Soyuz 11 in 1971.  It depressurized and killed them. (Space Safety)


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