By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
Who invented Tempura? Why did the Greeks put Amethyst stones in their alcohol?  In the song, “Vogue” by Madonna, how many celebrities are still alive?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. Tempura isn’t a Japanese invention, it’s actually Portuguese!  Missionaries from Portugal introduced it to Japan in the late 1500s, and the people there really took to it. (Wikipedia)

2. Amethyst got its name from the ancient Greek phrase “not drunk” because there was a belief that if you put the stones in your alcohol, it would keep you from getting too drunk. (Etymology Online)

3. All 16 celebrities Madonna mentioned in the song “Vogue” are dead. Lauren Bacall was the last one to die, in 2014 and Marlon Brando was the second-last, in 2004. (Slate)

4. If you win a prize on “The Price Is Right”, you have to pay California income taxes on it before you can even leave the studio. (Accounting Web)

5. The reason a zero is called “love” in tennis most likely comes from the French word for “the egg,” which is “l’oeuf” since an egg looks like a zero. (Wikipedia)


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