By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander

The Morning MIX brought up this list of items you shouldn’t serve on Thanksgiving and we have a feeling you’ll disagree too.

According to INSIDER, these are the ten things you shouldn’t serve to family and friends on Thanksgiving:

1. Canned Cranberry Sauce – They say it’s full of sugar and who wants anything shaped like a can with rings to eat?
2. Green Bean Casserole – It’s full of fat, so save the calories for pie. No way, it’s too good!
3. Pecan Pie – Just go with pumpkin pie, less calories and just as yummy.
4. Ambrosia Salad – It’s not salad, it’s not good, and it belongs at a picnic…not Thanksgiving.
5. Jell-O Salad – Just stop, no way.
6. Vegetable Tray – Maybe as a snack at 11 am before dinner at 6pm, but not on the dinner table.
7. Corn Pudding – Most people will skip right over it when there’s stuffing, taters, and all of their other favorites.
8. Giblet Gravy – Made from turkey’s liver, heart, and other organs. I know, I know. YUCK! But diced finely, it adds great taste to the gravy and stuffing!
9. Pureed Squash – Need we say more?
10. Dinner Rolls – OK, we disagree! Sure there’s cornbread and stuffing, but a hot buttered dinner roll is a must!

  1. 7, 8, and 9 are pretty awful. But (whining voice) I like the rest…

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