Adam’s Fun Facts: Parrots, Days Inn, Billboards & More!

by Adam Alexander
What state has BANNED billboards since 1968?  What do you call a group of parrots?  How did Days Inn get it’s name?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. The difference between a play in New York’s theater district being Broadway, Off-Broadway, or Off-Off-Broadway is the size of the theater. Over 500 seats is Broadway, 100 to 499 seats is “off” and 99 seats or less is “off-off.” (Playbill)

2. Days Inn didn’t get its name because you’re supposed to stay for days or anything like that, it’s named after its founder, Cecil B. Day. (Wikipedia)

3. A group of parrots is called a pandemonium. (Parrot Parrot)

4. There’s only one African-American majority owner of any MLB, NFL, or NBA team . . . and it’s Michael Jordan. He’s the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets. (Five Thirty Eight)

5. Billboards are banned in Vermont, and have been since 1968. (Adweek)

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