By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
Why does the house in the movie, “Christmas Vacation” look familiar? What city BANNED pinball machines until 2014?  How long do elephants sleep?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. In the classic movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie, when Clark watches old home movies you probably recognize that house! It’s the same house featured on Bewitched! It’s not a house at all; it’s part of the Warner Bros. back lot! The home of their snooty neighbors, Todd and Margo, is where Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) and his family lived in Lethal Weapon. (MentalFloss)

2. Elephants only need about two hours of sleep a day, which is the least of any mammal. (Plos)

3. A kicker won the NFL MVP award in 1982. Mark Moseley won it as a member of the Washington Redskins, and he made 20 out of 21 field goals that year. That’s . . . okay. Clearly a REALLY mediocre season. (Wikipedia)

4. Pinball machines were illegal in Oakland, California from the 1930s through 2014. (!?) (San Francisco Chronicle)

5. For the state of Texas to have the population density of New York City, every single person in the world would have to live there. (Per Square Mile)


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