By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
We are not trying to make you dislike your job more, just  maybe add these in on your next negotiation for a raise!  These sounds pretty phenomenal! Business Insider did some research and came up with some of the best perks that we just have in the United States!

Here are four workplace perks that people in other countries get:

1. In Europe, you can refuse to work more than 48 hours a week. In the European Union, there’s something called the Working Time Directive and your boss can’t schedule you for more than 48 hours a week unless you say it’s okay.

2. In Japan, you can sleep during your shift and be PRAISED for it. It’s seen as an act of diligence, because you’re so committed to your job, you refuse to go home AND it’s so common, they have a word for it:  “Inemuri” literally means “sleeping on duty.”

3. France passed a law last year that says you can ignore work emails when you’re not on the clock. It applies to anyone who works at a company with at least 50 employees. It’s called your “right to disconnect,” and it’s supposed to reduce stress.

4. In Finland, a lot of business meetings happen in saunas. They’re a huge part of the culture there. So a lot of big companies have their own in-office saunas for employees to use.


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