By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

When it comes to diets and weight, I am a human yo-yo. But, after reading this story from Time, I’m actually motivated to get my big butt to the gym!

According to story in Time, you can reverse the negative effects of never exercising and the toll it has taken on your. What’s the catch? You need to workout for two years, and I’m not talking just a walk here and there.

Researchers had a group of volunteers who’d all lived laid-back lifestyles start working out. Half had to follow a workout regimen that focused on balance and flexibility doing yoga. The other half had to workout more intensely, doing things like weightlifting and high-intensity training.

What they’re saying is that after two years, the intense workouts made people’s heart muscles much more flexible, which is what you want because your heart tends to stiffen up as you age, which can eventually lead to heart failure.

Meanwhile, the group that just did yoga saw no improvement in heart flexibility. Of course that doesn’t mean yoga’s bad, it’s actually fantastic and I highly recommend it. It just means you also need to mix in more intense exercise if you want to get your heart back in shape.

The study found that once you hit about 65, it’s usually too late, and you can’t reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle after that. So, don’t wait too long to get going, make 2018 your year!


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