By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
What name do they write on your cup at Starbucks at CIA headquarters? Who invented instant coffee? What happens if you wear a post office uniform if you don’t work for the post office? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. The penalty for cannibalism in Idaho is up to 14 years in prison . . . unless you ate someone, quote, “under extreme, life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival.” Then you’re good. (

2. More than half of American baby boys are circumcised versus less than 3% in European countries like Finland and Britain. (The Economist )

3. The Starbucks at CIA headquarters doesn’t write people’s names on the coffee cups, to protect their identities. (Washington Post)

4. Instant coffee was invented by a guy named George Washington!  He came to America from Belgium in the late 1800s and started manufacturing instant coffee in 1910. (Wikipedia)

5. It’s a federal crime for someone who’s not a postal worker to wear a U.S. Postal Service uniform unless you’re acting in a play, TV show, or movie.  A Halloween costume is NOT a good enough excuse.  You can get a fine or six months in prison!  (


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