By Susie 

You know, when we were younger ( I’m in my 30s) we did some stupid things….. but if someone told me to chug floor cleaner, I’d be like… nah – you go ahead.

Here are some ‘Challenges’ that we and kids these days are doing. Some are harmless… the others… I’d definitely reconsider.

  • Cinnamon Challenge – Basically you take a spoonful of cinnamon and hold it in your mouth/eat it. If you can’t or spit it out, you lose.
  • Milk Challenge – Trying to drink a FULL gallon of milk all at once. Nope, not for me…. have you done it?
  • Chubby Bunny – Each person takes a marshmallow, put it in their mouths and say ‘Chubby Bunny’. Moving on to the next person. You can not eat, chew or swallow.
  • Ghost Pepper Challenge-  You eat the hottest pepper in the world and film your reaction. Pretty brutal.
  • The ‘Huh’ Challenge– Although you’re not eating anything in this one, You are basically making fun of your friends and filming it. Roasting them one at a time, and after each one you say ‘huh’.
  • The Running Man Challenge – You basically start the running man dance , and others get involved. Like a Harlem Shake.
  • Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge – This is just beyond stupid.

  •  Tide Pod Challenge– COME ON, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Not only are Tide Pods NOT CHEAP, but seriously people… it’s dangerous and poisonous. You take a pod, put it in your mouth and burst it to see how long you can still hold it in your mouth.


How on earth was this even a great idea? Go eat some dirt or ants or something. Stuff we did when we were kids. Man I think the closest I ever came to eating something was Elmer’s Paste, in 1st or 2nd grade. But I was YOUNG AND STUPID. Are we all going backwards in life?


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