By Susie 

Good for you! You opened this which means you are somewhat interested in going to the gym, or are still going with your New Years resolution. You are all better than me LOL.

But I’ve been there, people don’t take care of the gym or stare at you, you don’t like going because it makes you uncomfortable. Well DailyMail just enlightened us with some ‘Gym Etiquette Tips’. To hopefully help you have a better experience.

  • Don’t Ogle– A gym is a great place to meet people, but DON’T stare. Don’t check them out either. If you are trying to pursue, finish your work outs and approach at a decent time, to not interrupt their routine.
  • Wipe-Down– I’ve seen many people neglect to do this, it grinds my gears knowing I have to wipe down each time because they haven’t it’s now OCD for me to do it each time I get on a machine.
  • Silent Signals– There are times where conversations pop up during work outs, but pay attention to the silence. If the person is very into their workout and or have ear phones to listen to music, chances are they don’t want to be bothered.
  • Don’t Do Selfies – Be mindful of people in your surroundings, they may not want to be in the photo or video, that’s not what they are there for.
  • Don’t lurk– Don’t sit besides machine staring from a far waiting for the person to get off the machine so you can use it, or to talk to them. 

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