By Susie

This could really go for anyone I think. But SimpleMost¬†, says that after their studies, this is what we really want for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Sleep – I won’t argue this, I would love to have more sleep than normal.
  2. You call the babysitter – We don’t always want to be the ones making plans and having to find the sitter and make reservations. Sometimes we just need that weight taken off of us, seems simple right?
  3. A clean car – Whether it’s being sent out to get detailed, or you do it for us. We ride around with kids, or friends and you. It gets messy. It’s more of a present than you may think.
  4. A tech free evening¬†– I know we are ALL glued to the phone most days, but on our evenings together, put away the Ipad or phone. We need this quality time. Get away from group chat and cat memes, let’s be ‘together’ together.
  5. SHOES– .. I mean, you already knew this…



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