By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander

I am old enough to remember when texting was a new feature, I am sure you probably are as well, it really was that long ago.  My kids are amazed to know that the phone companies used to charge you PER text!  Do you remember that?

Well, no matter how good you think you are when it comes to texting etiquette, there’s probably something you’re doing that makes other people crazy. Leave it to Buzzfeed  to give us a survey of the rudest things you can do when it comes to texting!

Here are some of the results of the survey:

1. Texting on a date, 94% of people say it’s rude.

2. Texting during a movie at a theater, 87%.

3. Texting while you’re out to dinner with other people, 76%.

4. Just replying to a text with a lowercase “k,” 65%. (MY #1 -Adam)

5. Just sending a one-word response, 33%. (MY #2 -Adam)

6. Intentionally waiting to respond to a text, 31%.

7. Texting while you walk, 26%.

8. Texting someone who’s in the room, 14%.

9. Using a lot of emojis, 11%.

10. Texting long paragraphs, 7%.


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