By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
It’s Valentine’s Day!  The day for LOVE!  Well, it’s important to be true to yourself and if that means being alone at this point in your life, it might be for the best! Business Insider gives us 3 benefits of being single and they are all backed up by science!

1. You have more friends!  A study in 2015 found married people have fewer close friends AND their friends aren’t as supportive as friends of people who never marry.  A study in 2008 found that having regular contact with at least 10 friends made people significantly happier. Oh, and family members don’t really count.

2.  Single people stay in better shape!  A study in 2004 showed they exercise a lot more than married people do.  On average, married people weighed five pounds more than single people did.

3. Single people have more alone time, which makes them more productive!! Studies have found it’s easier to focus without all the distractions that come with having a spouse and a family and that can make advancing your career a little easier.  Additional studies have suggested that staying single also makes it easier to grow as a person and try new things.

However, you won’t have anyone to steal covers from you in the middle of the night!  So there’s that! -Adam


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