By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
How many “wheels” does Wheel Of Fortune have?  What was the first movie with a website and what was the year?  How old was Steve Jobs when he started his first job?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. The “Wheel of Fortune” wheel has 200 lights, 73 steel pins, and weighs 2,400 pounds. And there’s only one of them, so when the show goes on the road, they transport it. (Huffington Post)

2. The first movie to have an official website was “Stargate” in 1994. (Stargate Wikia)

3. Some of the names Disney considered for the Seven Dwarfs include Chesty, Tipsy, Jumpy, Dirty, Sleazy, and Awful. (Mental Floss)

4. Before 2016, the last time a Republican was elected president without either a Nixon or a Bush as the president or vice president was Herbert Hoover in 1928. (Wikipedia)

5. Steve Jobs’ first job was an internship at Hewlett-Packard.  He when he was 12. (Business Insider)


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