By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

Have you ever been pulled over and wondered, “I wonder how I can somehow get out of this?” Well, according to actual police officers, doing these five things could increase your chances of getting off with only a warning!

1. As soon as you see the blue lights behind you, turn your blinker on immediately. Even if you can’t pull oner right away, it acknowledges to the police officer that you see them and you intend to stop as soon as there is a safe place. However, if they hit you with the siren in addition to the lights, pull over right away. According to Thrillist, they’re telling you they think it’s a safe place to stop.

2. If you’re going to try and suck up, do it before they walk back to their car. That’s the 10-second time span where they can make the decision to write you the ticket or let you go with a warning. Once they write the ticket, it’s too late. It only happens in the movies when they rip it up and let you go.

3. Don’t be short and give one word answers, you’ll look guilty. But don’t talk their ear off either! They have a job to do and don’t have all day to spend chatting.

4. It sounds risky, but try and make them laugh or put a smile on their face. Don’t tell an inappropriate joke, but if you can make light of yourself and the mistake you made or somehow get them to laugh, police officers say that has actually worked!

5. If you actually know a police officer or you’re related to one, yes that can actually work. Cops admit that they’ve let people go before because of mentioning their relation to a fellow officer. You just better hope they like that person, haha!


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