By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
Why do we say, “O’clock” when referring to time?  Who wrote the famous, “Like a good neighbor” jingle?  How many people have died IN the White House?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. CBS used to artificially add bird sounds to their golf coverage, until the year 2000 when a bird expert noticed the noises didn’t match birds that lived in the area and exposed the scam. (New York Post)

2. Ten people have died inside the White House in its 218 years. That includes two presidents: William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor. (Business Insider)

3. We say “o’clock” because in the 13th through 17th centuries, clocks weren’t prominent.  So. when someone was telling you the time from a clock and not a sundial or just guessing, they’d say, “It’s four of the clock.” and that became “o’clock”. (Gizmodo)

4. Barry Manilow has authored a number of famous jingles including the iconic “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” jingle and the classic, “I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ‘cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me.”  However,  did NOT write, “I Write The Songs.” (Lifestyle)

5. The iron maiden, that human-shaped iron cabinet with spikes inside, was NOT an actual torture device in the Middle Ages.  It was created in the 18th century as part of a traveling circus show. (Gizmodo)


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