By Adam Alexander

by Adam Alexander
How many barrels of bourbon are currently aging in Kentucky?  Who invented Cap’n Crunch cereal and what famous cartoon did he create as well?  Where did we get “bada-bing” from?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:
1. Cap’n Crunch was created by the same guy who made “Rocky and Bullwinkle”!  Quaker Oats approached Jay Ward in 1962 to help them come up with a cartoon cereal mascot. (Retroland)

2. The word “phony” comes from “telephone” since early phones had such bad audio quality, it made people’s voices sound fake. (Popular Mechanics)

3. There are approximately 4.9 million barrels of bourbon currently aging in the state of Kentucky. That’s more than the population of Kentucky, which is about 4.4 million. (Wikipedia)

4. James Caan was improvising when he said “bada-bing” in “The Godfather” but it became a catchphrase for mobsters in movies and real life. (Vanity Fair)

5. Bill Withers wrote “Ain’t No Sunshine” when he was working at a factory making toilet seats for airplanes. (Rolling Stone)


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