By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

My Mom has been having a hard time getting to sleep lately, so I found these six steps for her and wanted to share them with you too. They’re easy and make a lot of sense!

Two sleep experts came up with a 6-step routine that takes about 30 minutes to do, but will help you get a good nights sleep. The experts say that’s how long they say you need to relax and mentally prepare for bed. Here are the six steps from the New York Post

1. 30 minutes before bed you should make a to-do list for the next day. Just write down what needs to be accomplished, that way you don’t lie in bed thinking about everything that has to be done.

2. 25 minutes before bed you need to stop using all electronics. That includes your phone, computer, and the TV. The blue light they give off tricks your body into staying awake because your brain thinks it’s daylight.

3. 20 minutes before bed go ahead and brush your teeth, take off any make-up and wash your face. Doing it right before bed can wake you up, so 20 minutes prior is sufficient time before going to sleep.

4. 15 minutes before bed, take a quick shower and make sure it’s a hot shower. The last thing you want it the cold water to wake you up!

5. 10 minutes before bed, go ahead and use the bathroom. A recent study found 42% of people don’t get enough sleep because it gets interrupted by having to go in the middle of the night.

6. 5 minutes before bed, simply stop talking and let your brain start to wind down.


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