By Jay Edwards

By Jay Edwards

You know all those selfies you take to get the perfect pic? Well, if you live in California, all those pics could come in handy for your perfect driver’s license headshot!

According to NBC-4 in LA, there’s a bill in the California state senate that would let people pick their own driver’s license photo. You’d have to pay an extra fee, (of course there has to be a way to make extra money) but most license photos are really bad, so maybe this isn’t a bad thing.

The bill has a long way to go before it could potentially become a law, but at least it’s in the hands of the State Senate right now! I just wonder if you can bring your own, like a passport photo or do you just keep taking them at the DMV until you find one you like? Can you imagine how long the lines will be if every person takes 10 extra pictures?


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