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DJ Earworm Just Dropped The BEST Backstreet Boys Mix Ever!BEST. MIX. EVER.
Popular Challenges Kids Are DoingMay want to keep an eye on some of these....
Girls Sing Incredible Version Of The 'Star Spangled Banner'Now if we could just get the right people to listen!
What Has Your Child Done That You Haven't?What is something your child has done that you have never done?
How Do I Get To Have MY Child On Kid Smarts? Today Is The Day!If you have heard us play Kid Smarts on The Morning MIX and always wanted YOUR child to be on the show, today is the day! Just bring your little one(s) to the radio station between 2:30 and 4PM today!
Take Down With The Morning MIX - 01/17/2018The only person on the show that is undefeated so far in 2018 got to play today on The Morning MIX! It came down to time, it was SO close. Did he/she win? Listen to Take Down and find out!
There's A Job Opening For A Chicken Nugget Tester, SeriouslyAre you tired of your job and wish you could do something you love while getting paid for it? Well, how does eating chicken nuggets sound?
20 Songs That Are Turning 20 Years Old In 2018!Happy 2018! Let's put YOUR age in check! How many of these 20 songs that are turning 20 years old this year do YOU know?
Is This What Universal Orlando's New Harry Potter Ride Will Look Like?The attraction was revealed to be a family roller coaster ride but that is all that Universal has let us in on.
Seaworld Offers Free Admission For Florida PreschoolersWhat can keep your kids occupied during the year? SeaWorld!
'Stranger Things' Star Takes Yearbook Photos With FanAnd they came out perfect!
Adam's Fun Facts: Postal Workers, Starbucks In The CIA, Instant Coffee & More!What name do they write on your cup at Starbucks at CIA headquarters? Who invented instant coffee? What happens if you wear a post office uniform if you don't work for the post office?
What If You Had To Say "Yes" To Everything Your Child Asked, For One Day?If you could not say, "NO" to your child or children for one day, what do you think they would ask for? Would they be realistic or ask for something HUGE??
The Office Etiquette Poll: 8 Questions About You And Your Co-WorkersAre you annoyed by your co-workers? How many of these do they do on a weekly basis? Well, let's find out if they're being rude or if you're just easily annoyed!
Emily On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 01/16/2018Emily is 7 years old and lives in Deland. She is in 2nd grade and loves gymnastics! She is also really, really smart! Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
Take Down With The Morning MIX - 01/16/2018Can you tell us who is on the $1000.00 bill? That was one of the 5 questions we had this morning for TAKE DOWN!
Weekend Recap: Surgery, Guests In Town, Angry Family Members & More!What a weekend! Someone on The Morning MIX had surgery! Someone else had family in town and someone else may lose family members after they hear this! It's The Morning MIX Weekend Recap!
Florida In The Middle Of Identity Crisis, Cold Weather On The Way...AgainWinter is set to return this weekend and last until late next week!
Online Dating TipsJust a few tips from a former online dater!
New Vans Rose Gold Shoes Are Your Next PurchaseThey are so pretty!
Adam's Fun Facts: You Will Love #2!! Bet You Had No Idea Where NIMROD Came From!I love Fun Fact number 2 so much! I had no idea and I bet you didn't either! It's Adam's Fun Facts!
Stupid Criminals: The Incredible Hulk, Squatty Potty, Directions To The Drug Deal & More!Someone asked the cops for directions to his drug deal while someone else just got naked! Jay reads the stupid criminal story and we decide if it happened in, "Florida or Anywhere Else in the World?!"
Claire On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 01/12/2018Claire is in 1st grade and loves school, science and unicorns! She's lives in Florida, of course. You have to hear how cute she is! Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
Why You Smiling? - The Morning MIX - 01/12/2018We love to hear what is making people smile in Central Florida! Every Friday, we want you to call starting at 7:20am and tell us, "Why You Smiling?"
Donna From Ocoee Played Take Down This Morning... Did She Win?If you missed Take Down this morning, you missed hearing the AWESOME player DONNA from OCOEE! The big question is: Did she win? It's Take Down!
Mix Movie Reviews: 'The Post'Overall strong performances make The Post worth a look, but the film has nothing on the granddaddy of journalistic thrillers, All The President's Men.
16 Best Kids MoviesWould you add any others?
How To Correctly Pour Your BeerI pride myself on pouring the perfect beer with little to no foam head at the top, it's an art. That picture above is actually from my keg on my porch, see how perfect? But after all these years, turns out I've been doing it all wrong!
Steaks with Citrus SalsaSteaks with Citrus Salsa is Florida agriculture on a plate.
Caden On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 01/11/2018Caden is 5 years old and lives in Orlando. He is in Kindergarten and loves playing baseball and going to Disney! Do you think he knows what the UCF mascots name is? It's Kid Smarts!

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