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Fergie's National Anthem DebacleI honestly have no preface for this it for yourself.
My Family Day At Disney With DadFor people with disabilities, yesterday was INCREDIBLE.
5 Tips To Avoid Getting A Ticket From Actual Police OfficersHave you ever been pulled over and wondered, "I wonder how I can somehow get out of this?" Well, according to actual police officers, doing these five things could increase your chances of getting off with only a warning!
The Morning MIX Presents: You're A Liar! - 02/20/2018You're a liar! Jay, Dana or Adam tell a story and you have to guess which part of the story is a LIE!
Saydi From Apopka On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/20/2018Saydi is from Apopka and she loves hanging out with her family and swimming! Do you think she will know what kind of a doctor you go to when you need glasses? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 02/20/2018The Morning MIX plays a game called TAKE DOWN every weekday at 6:35am. If you play, you win no matter what! This week you win tickets AND backstage passes to The Downtown Food & Wine Fest this Saturday!
Adam's Fun Facts: Teddy Bears, Mouth Bacteria, "The Matrix" & More!What is the green computer code in "The Matrix"? How much bacteria is really in your mouth? Why did the toy companies create a stuffed possum after the Teddy Bear? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Confetti,, Necktie, Mailing Babies & More!What country invented the necktie? What year did it become illegal to MAIL a baby through the U.S. Postal Service? What city is it illegal to make, sell, or even have possession of confetti? It's Adam's Fun Facts!!
Acoustic Sunrise Setlist: 2.18.18Here's your setlist built by Mattamy Homes.
Community Connection - Habitat For Humanity Is Getting Fishy!Helping out Habitat For Humanity while enjoying exceptional seafood!
Mix Movie Review: ‘Black Panther’To say this is another comic book movie would be selling Black Panther short. It has messages of social justice, social improvement, racial divide, gender equality and potentially more.
Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios Gets Official Opening DateGet ready for a summer full of toy mischief with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and the entire Toy Story gang!
Adam's Fun Facts: Steve Jobs, First Movie Website, "Wheel Of Fortune" & MoreHow many "wheels" does Wheel Of Fortune have? What was the first movie with a website and what was the year? How old was Steve Jobs when he started his first job? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018It's the stupid criminal game that everyone loves! We play every Friday at 8:25am! It's Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?
Why You Smiling? - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Birthdays, travel, puppies and pregnancies! We love hearing your happy story when we ask, "Why You Smiling?"
Noah On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Noah is from Sanford and is 7 years old! He is in 2nd grade and and loves YouTube and his family! Do you think he will know which planet is known as the red planet? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Sara Got To Play Take Down While Filling In For Dana! - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Sara was filling in for Dana this morning on The Morning MIX and she was selected to play Take Down! See if she won her debut game!
Check Out New Additions to Epcot's Flower & Garden FestivalThe International Flower & Garden Festival is one of those beloved festivals that grows each and every year.
Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Orlando's Jones High School Students With $100,000Jones High School was featured on The Ellen Show today for a wonderful reason.
McDonald's Is Cutting Cheeseburgers From Happy MealsDo you really think 1 slice of cheese will make that big of a difference?
You Can Now Buy 'Golden Girls' Hot SauceI need to try these on Taco Tuesday!
See The New "Incredibles 2" Trailer!They're back and Jack Jack is just as cute as he was!
Smothered Chicken CasseroleSmothered Chicken Casserole is just the kind of comfort food you might need on a day when the world seems upside down.
Here Is How Much Money You Need To Make A Year To Feel Happy AND How Much To Feel Successful!You don't even have to make six figures to feel like you are successful! There is a specific amount for feeling the happiest in your life and another number for feeling successful in your career!
Maggie Rose On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/15/2018Maggie Rose might be the smartest most grounded 7 year old we've ever met. She's from Oviedo and likes theatre, cooking and roller coasters! Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Ice Cream, The Guillotine, Donuts & More!What country eats the most donuts? What year did France last use the guillotine? How much of your ice cream is air? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Our First Ever 5 For 5 From A Contestant! - Take Down - 02/15/2018Carlos from Kissimmee went 5 for 5 on Take Down this morning on The Morning MIX. Could you have done the same?
Nationally Certified School Psychologist Mary Crownover On How To Talk To Your Kids When Tragedy HappensNationally Certified and Florida Licensed School Psychologist Mary Crownover with advise on how to answer the questions that yours kids ask after a school shooting occurs.
Is Super Nintendo World Being Built In A New Universal Orlando Theme Park?A while back, it was confirmed that Super Nintendo World was coming to Universal Orlando Resort as well as Universal parks in Japan and Hollywood.
Ed Sheeran Rumored To Perform At The Royal WeddingWouldn't that be something?

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