Adam Alexander

I am so happy to be a part of The Morning MIX!  We have a lot of fun, learn a little, laugh a bunch and we get to hear and share some of the best stories!  Jay and Dana are truly great people and wonderful friends and it is pure joy to come to work and see them every morning!  I hope you can FEEL my genuine happiness coming through your speakers!  HELLO DAY!

Adam’s Fun Facts: Birds, Karl Marx, Dreaming In Color & More!

Why don’t birds pee? What did Karl Marx name all 4 of his daughters? What is “maschalagnia”? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!!

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

Take Down – The Morning MIX – 02/23/2018

The Morning MIX plays a game called TAKE DOWN every weekday at 6:35am. Caller number 25 gets to pick a member of the show to play against in a trivia question challenge. If you play, you win no matter what!

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? – The Morning MIX – 02/23/2018

We heard some very stupid criminal stories today! Listen and see if you can figure out if they took place in Florida or Anywhere Else in the World?!?!

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

Why You Smiling? – The Morning MIX – 02/23/2018

Every Friday on The Morning MIX we LOVE to hear what YOU are happy about! Call us Friday’s between 7am and 8am and tell us: “Why You Smiling?”

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

Benjamin On Kid Smarts – The Morning MIX – 02/23/2018

Cool Kid Benjamin lives in Ocoee and is in Pre-K! He’s 4 and loves cooking with his Dad and you MUST hear HIM tell you the rest! Adorable! Need a smile? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

5 Myths About The Flu You Should Stop Believing!

Undoubtedly, you have heard how bad the flu is this season and all your life you have been told things about the flu. Well, you might have it all wrong! ESPECIALLY #4!

MIX 105.1–02/23/2018

What A Horrible Neighbor! – The Morning MIX – 02/22/2018

If you think YOUR neighbor is bad, listen to this story and see if you are happier about “bad” neighbor!

MIX 105.1–02/22/2018

Adam’s Fun Facts: Feeding Pigs, Oldest Vending Machine, Pink Floyd & More!

In what State is it illegal to feed pigs garbage without a permit? How many people have owned this Pink Floyd album? How old is the oldest vending machine in history? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

MIX 105.1–02/22/2018

Marli From Apopka On Kid Smarts! – The Morning MIX – 02/22/2018

Marli is in 4th grade and lives in Apopka! She is 10 years old and in 4th grade. She LOVES playing the piano. Will she know the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!

MIX 105.1–02/22/2018

We Can Barely Call This A Win! – Take Down – The Morning MIX – 02/22/2018

They Say a WIN is a WIN but the winner of today’s round of Take Down shouldn’t even count it as a win! Listen and see if you agree!

MIX 105.1–02/22/2018


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