Olivia From Orlando On Kid Smarts - 11/17/2017Olivia is 10 years old and from Orlando! She's in 5th grade and loves swimming, watching movies with her family and listening to Kid Smarts every morning! We LOVE her!
Nuria On Kid Smarts! - 11/16/2017Nuria is from St. Cloud is in 7th grade! She is 12 and loves Halsey, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, reading books, listening to music and drawing! Will she know the capital of Florida?
Will 6 Year Old Nora Know What Fish Use To Breathe Under Water? - Kid SmartsNora lives in Cocoa and is in 1st grade! She is 6 and loves art, hanging out with family, watching Liv & Maddie and Descendants! Do you think she will know which state is the Aloha state?
Ashlyn Came To Play Kid Smarts On Her Birthday!!Ashlyn recorded her Kid Smarts on her birthday! She's 10 now and in 4th grade. She lives in Orlando and loves soccer, lizards and theatre! Wait until you hear how her Dad got her to come to the radio station!
Owen From Cocoa On Kid Smarts! - 11/13/2017Owen is 4 and lives in Cocoa He enjoys playing with his sister and playing baseball and soccer. He also likes jumping on the trampolines! If you are in need of a smile, take a minute to listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Sage On Kid Smarts Will Give You An Instant Smile! - 11/10/2017If you think the picture is adorable, wait until you hear Sage play Kid Smarts! She's 3 and she lives in Melbourne! Seriously, for an instant smile, listen Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
Kid Smarts With Kiley On The Morning MIX - 11/09/2017Kiley is from Longwood and in the second grade! She is 7 and loves to play and swim and do yoga, oh, AND she LOVES PIZZA! Do you think she knows what state Baton Rouge is the capital of?
Finn From Melbourne On Kid Smarts! - 11/08/2017Finn is 6 years old and lives in Melbourne! He is in 1st grade and loves Pokemon, karate and reading! Do you thi8nk he knows what the largest planet in our solar system is?
Joseph From Apopka Plays Kid Smarts - 11/07/2017Joseph is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. He lives in Apopka and loves video games, recording videos for YouTube and horses! Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Kid Smarts With Ava From Apopka! - 11/06/2017Ava is 10 years old and lives in Apopka! She is in 5th grade and loves to swim, dance and play soccer! See if you can hear the incorrect answer that NO ONE on the show caught!
Kid Smarts With Anthony From Apopka! - 11/03/2017Anthony is 12 years old and from Apopka! He is in 7th grade and likes baseball, basketball, movies, and playing the cello! Do you think he knows what "HBU" means in a text message? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Kid Smarts With Dominic From Orlando! - 11/02/2017Dominic is 5 3/4 and lives in Orlando! He is in Kindergarten and loves video games, playing dress up, basketball and baseball! Do you think he knows what kind of a doctor works on your teeth?

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