Adam's Fun Facts: Kiefer Sutherland, Scissors, Armadillos & MoreKiefer Sutherland did something no one else has done when he appeared on "Inside the Actors Studio". What odd thins do female armadillos do when they give birth? What is misspelled on the game Monopoly?
Adam's Fun Facts: Play-Doh, Garbage, "Midnight Cowboy" & More!What was Play-Doh originally made for? What record does the movie, "Midnight Cowboy" hold? How long does it take for a glass bottle to decompose? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Left-Handed Presidents, Kidney Transplants, Tornadoes & More!How many left handed Presidents have we had since 1929? What country has 75% of the worlds tornado's? What do doctors do with the bad kidney when they do a kidney transplant?
Adam's Fun Facts: Ouija Board, Terrell Owens, Inflation & More!Who owns the rights to the word "Ouija"? Since 1989, how bad has inflation really been? What awesome record does Terrell Owens hold that involves ALL 32 NFL teams?
Adam's Fun Facts: Simpsons, Steve Jobs, NFL Score & More!Who is the only character on The Simpson to have 5 fingers? When was the last time the score of an NFL game was 7-0? How did Steve Jobs make more money from Disney than he did from Apple?
Adam's Fun Facts: Chumbawamba, Jupiter, "Top Gun" & More!What is the oldest planet in our solar system? How much did enrollment into the Navy to be a pilot go up after the movie "Top Gun"? How many people visited Orlando in 2015?
Adam's Fun Facts: Ixonia Wisconsin, Glenn Frey, Lobsters & More!Where did Glenn Frey get the idea for the song, "Life In The Fast Lane"? What class of people used to eat lobster? How did Ixonia, Wisconsin get it's name? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Biscotti, Basketball Movies, Super Mario Bros." & MoreWhere did we get the word "biscotti" from? How many kilobyte's is the original Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros."? What is the highest grossing basketball movie? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Sport Illustrated, Black Sabbath, State Capitals & More!What state capital has the least letters, using both state and capital? Who auditioned to replace Ozzy as lead singer of Black Sabbath? What is the percentage of athletes being "cursed" by being on the cover of Sports Illustrated? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!!

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