Take Down: Berg Against Kris From Rockledge! - The Morning MIXKris from Rockledge selected Berg's number and it was an epic battle! Well, not really, someone got their butt kicked! Listen to see who won 4 to 2.
Ronnie Took On Berg Who Is Filling In For Jay! It's Take Down!Ronnie called us from Debary and played Take Down! Did she win? Would YOU have won with these fairly easy trivia questions? Listen to Take Down!
Erin From Oviedo Played Take Down This Morning Against Jay Edwards!We randomly draw numbers behind the scenes of The morning MIX to determine who plays Take Down each morning and JAY EDWARDS keeps getting picked. Did he Take Down Erin from Oviedo this morning?
Take Down With The Morning MIX! - 03/12/2018Every weekday at 6:35am, The Morning MIX wants to give you a prize! You just have to earn it. It's 5 simple trivia questions that you have to answer better than a randomly chosen member of The Morning MIX!
What Year Did Facebook Start? What Singer's Middle Name Is Clayton?Dana Taylor was called to play Take Down this morning and she played against Amanda from Longwood! Who won? Listen and see!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 03/02/2018Adam was the only undefeated member of The Morning MIX on Take Down (in the month of March) and he was called up to play today! Did he keep the record going?
Take Down - The Morning MIX - 02/28/18It was the last day of February and Dana Taylor got the call to play! She had only lost ONCE all month! Did she maintain her winning record? Listen to Lissette try and take her down!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 2/27/2018We had another "first" on Take Down this morning! Both our player and Jay answered all 5 trivia questions with the SAME answers! It came down to time, listen to see who was faster and won!
Take Down - The Morning MIX - 02/23/2018The Morning MIX plays a game called TAKE DOWN every weekday at 6:35am. Caller number 25 gets to pick a member of the show to play against in a trivia question challenge. If you play, you win no matter what!
We Can Barely Call This A Win! - Take Down - The Morning MIX - 02/22/2018They Say a WIN is a WIN but the winner of today's round of Take Down shouldn't even count it as a win! Listen and see if you agree!
Which President Had The Largest Shoe Size And What Size Was It? - Take Down - 02/21/2018What President had the largest shoe size? How many Grammy's does Britany Spears have? What year did Vanna White start on Wheel of Fortune? It's Take Down!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 02/20/2018The Morning MIX plays a game called TAKE DOWN every weekday at 6:35am. If you play, you win no matter what! This week you win tickets AND backstage passes to The Downtown Food & Wine Fest this Saturday!

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