What A Horrible Neighbor! - The Morning MIX - 02/22/2018If you think YOUR neighbor is bad, listen to this story and see if you are happier about "bad" neighbor!
Marli From Apopka On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/22/2018Marli is in 4th grade and lives in Apopka! She is 10 years old and in 4th grade. She LOVES playing the piano. Will she know the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
We Can Barely Call This A Win! - Take Down - The Morning MIX - 02/22/2018They Say a WIN is a WIN but the winner of today's round of Take Down shouldn't even count it as a win! Listen and see if you agree!
Fill In Adam's __________. - The Morning MIX - 02/21/2018Fill In Adam's Blank! It's a simple game, someone on The Morning MIX tells a story and the other members must fill in the blank! It was Adam's turn this time!
Which President Had The Largest Shoe Size And What Size Was It? - Take Down - 02/21/2018What President had the largest shoe size? How many Grammy's does Britany Spears have? What year did Vanna White start on Wheel of Fortune? It's Take Down!
The Morning MIX Presents: You're A Liar! - 02/20/2018You're a liar! Jay, Dana or Adam tell a story and you have to guess which part of the story is a LIE!
Saydi From Apopka On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/20/2018Saydi is from Apopka and she loves hanging out with her family and swimming! Do you think she will know what kind of a doctor you go to when you need glasses? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 02/20/2018The Morning MIX plays a game called TAKE DOWN every weekday at 6:35am. If you play, you win no matter what! This week you win tickets AND backstage passes to The Downtown Food & Wine Fest this Saturday!
Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018It's the stupid criminal game that everyone loves! We play every Friday at 8:25am! It's Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?
Why You Smiling? - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Birthdays, travel, puppies and pregnancies! We love hearing your happy story when we ask, "Why You Smiling?"
Noah On Kid Smarts! - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Noah is from Sanford and is 7 years old! He is in 2nd grade and and loves YouTube and his family! Do you think he will know which planet is known as the red planet? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Sara Got To Play Take Down While Filling In For Dana! - The Morning MIX - 02/16/2018Sara was filling in for Dana this morning on The Morning MIX and she was selected to play Take Down! See if she won her debut game!

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