Halloween Candy Ranked From Best To Worst By NutritionistsWhen your kids come home on Halloween night with 2,383 pieces of candy in their trick-or-treat bag, how do you know which ones to avoid and maybe keep for yourself?
The Boy Scouts Are Now Welcoming GirlsThe Boy Scouts of America just announced a big change yesterday. For the first time in their history, they're going to start accepting girls.
BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired In Virginia At Congressional Baseball Practice
Ellen Has Been Named The Kindest CelebrityWhen you think of kind celebrities, who comes to mind? Did you think of Ellen? What about Kim Kardashian? OK, maybe that one was a bit of a stretch! NBC News did a survey asking who you think the kindest celebrity is and here's the results...
We Know Why You Hate The Sound Of Your Own VoiceMost people hate the sound of their own voice and now scientists know why! So, the next time you record your voicemail greeting, take this into consideration.
10 Things You Should Never Do At A ConcertThe Morning MIX is giving away concert tickets to see Bon Jovi at 8AM this week and when you win those tickets, we want to make sure you don't annoy anyone at the show. Rolling Stone put together a list of 10 concert no-no's that all of us should abide by.
Wanted: Lindsay Lohan

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