Joy From Melbourne Against Adam From The Morning MIX! - Take Down5 trivia questions were asked! Was Joy from Melbourne able to take down Adam Alexander this morning on Take Down?
Berg Fills In For Jay And Starts Off With A Huge Loss On Take Down!While Jay is off enjoying family time on a Florida beach, BERG came to fill in this week and his welcome to the show was a spanking from Linda! She called his number to play Take Down!
Chrissy From Deltona Played Against Jay And It Came Down To Time! - Take Down!Jay brags about his "undefeated March" in the game of Take Down to anyone that will listen. Well, this morning, he tied with Chrissy from Deltona and you will have to listen to see who was faster!
Take Down - The Morning MIX - 02/28/18It was the last day of February and Dana Taylor got the call to play! She had only lost ONCE all month! Did she maintain her winning record? Listen to Lissette try and take her down!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down! - 2/27/2018We had another "first" on Take Down this morning! Both our player and Jay answered all 5 trivia questions with the SAME answers! It came down to time, listen to see who was faster and won!
Adam Get's His Butt Kicked On Take Down! - The Morning MIX - 02/26/2018This morning, Diane called in to play Take Down and she annihilated Adam! It wasn't even close! You have to hear how bad she beat him!
Which President Had The Largest Shoe Size And What Size Was It? - Take Down - 02/21/2018What President had the largest shoe size? How many Grammy's does Britany Spears have? What year did Vanna White start on Wheel of Fortune? It's Take Down!
The Morning MIX Presents: Take Down - 01/31/2018It was Adam's turn to play this morning against Lynda from The Villages! Was he victorious? Would you have known the answer to any of these trivia questions?
Melissa From Orlando Plays Take Down Against Adam Alexander! 01/24/2018Jay had the day off of Take Down because Adam was picked to play! How did he represent The Morning MIX against Melissa from Orlando? Listen to Take Down and find out!
Listen To Diane Try To TAKE DOWN Jay Edwards On The Morning MIX!Dana wrote these 5 trivia questions, Jay was selected to play AGAIN this morning on The Morning MIX! Did he win or lose? Listen to him play Take Down!
Jay Edwards Attempts To Better His Losing Record On Take Down!Jay Edwards has only won Take Down ONE time in all of 2018. He played this morning on The Morning MIX! Did he win or lose? Listen to him play Take Down!
Take Down On The Morning MIX - 01/19/2018Listen to Adam play take down and see if he won but more importantly, see how YOU would have done and if YOU would have won TAKE DOWN!

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