Clerical Error Leads to Financial Nightmare After Family Loses Father to Coronavirus

June 20, 2020

    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — After losing her father to COVID-19, a Long Island, New York woman says she cannot even pay the funeral home because of a clerical mistake that led to pension money being taken out of his bank account.

    Gabrielle Corria says it was hard enough losing her father to the virus on April 17th, but what has happened since has made the pain and heartache even worse.

    The Suffolk County resident tells WCBS 880's Sophia Hall her father worked for the Long Island Rail Road for 35 years.

    After she contacted the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board to stop her father's pension, Corria said somehow someone entered his date of death as 2019, not 2020.

    More than $36,000 was then taken out her father's bank account and given back to the board. The bank then froze the account.

    "Neither institution cares," Corria said. "They made this mistake, I get it. Fix it, move forward. I gave them plenty of time, they just refuse to do the right thing."

    Corria tells Hall both she and her brother cannot get answers from anyone.

    Now, the family cannot pay for the funeral home expenses or the assisted living facility where her father had an apartment.

    "It's a local funeral home and I cannot pay them. I feel awful, I'm not that person," Corria said.

    In a statement to WCBS 880, a spokesperson for the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board says they apologize and are working to get the money back to the family.

    The bank says they will also work with the family to do the same.

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