EXCLUSIVE: Niall Horan's Favorite 'Nice To Meet Ya' Challenge Videos

The singer put fans to the test, and they responded with hilarious results

October 10, 2019

Last month, before we got to hear Niall Horan’s “Nice To Meet Ya,” the singer challenged fans to craft their own version by sharing only the lyrics. “Do your best and see what you got,” he shrugged in a video posted to Twitter, asking fans to offer their own interpretation of his handwritten words.

The response was big, with people from all around the world delivering their own original take on “Nice To Meet Ya.” From the hysterical and inventive ones to the ones so similar it’s scary, Niall shared with us a few of his favorites in an exclusive RADIO.COM interview.

“I kinda did it as a funny thing, where I was like, ‘I’ll just give them the lyrics and this could turn out terribly and be really hilarious,’ and there was some very funny ones. There was a girl rapping to it, there was a girl doing a Siri-like automated voice dance thing to it,” he smiles, recalling two of the more unique entries, which you can watch above.

“I forgot that there was gonna be talent out there too,” Horan laughs, surprised by how many amazing fan-submitted versions there were. “The talent is insane. People picking up acoustic guitars, writing like, folky kinda vibes to it. And then, my favorite one was this one girl. I wrote to her, I was like, ‘you need to write your own song to this, forget about these lyrics.’”

The scariest ones though were the ones that were so close to Horan’s actual version, that he had to wonder if they had somehow heard it. “You’re listening to it, and you’re like, ‘she’s not a million miles away from what the original sounds like,’” Niall remembers. “I was, ‘oh s***, she’s hear it.’”

Horan explained to RADIO.COM earlier this week that “Nice To Meet Ya” is the first sample from his upcoming sophomore album, hopefully out in February or March of 2020. “It’s gonna be quite different,” Niall said of the album, with his second effort more focused on upping the tempo and injecting some rock into his songs. With less ballads and more fun, Niall says he set out to, “just write good, solid pop songs and dress them up however afterwards.”

“I haven’t gone too crazy but I’ve definitely stepped it up a little bit I think.”

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