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Dame Julie Andrews Is Starting A Family Friendly Podcast

Disney royal, Julie Andrews has taken to Twitter to announce that she and her daughter are creating a podcast! Julie and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, to read their favorite, family friendly books for story time. I don't know about you, but I can listen to Julie Andrews reading a dictionary... Read More

'Qrockpot' Quarantine Thursday

Yesterday was my first full day of being on air from home. It seems like we have all the time in the world , when in reality I blinked and it was already 3PM. I hadn't even eaten anything yet, aside from having a cup of coffee. I can only imagine what it's like for all you moms out there. Although... Read More

The 10 States That Have Been Drinking The Most While In Quarantine

It seems like right now with all the added stress, having nowhere to go, nothing to do, no driving, and the bars are closed, more and more people are drinking at home. Well, according to BroBible , your assumption is correct. A new study analyzed people's tweets to figure out which states have been... Read More

[WATCH] Disney's Dapper Dan's Sing From Home, And It's Everything

Everyone, not just us Florida residents, are going through some serious Disney park withdrawals. Disney closing? Normally unheard of, but that's what it takes for the world to realize that what we're going through, all of us, has to be taken seriously. You may be familiar with the Dapper Dans ,... Read More

7 Tips From Astronauts On How To Successfully Self-Isolate

Who knows more about self-isolating in a dangerous environment than astronauts? Seriously, if anyone knows how to do it for a very long time without going nuts, it's our amazing team of space travelers. Well, former Space Station commander Chris Hadfield got on YouTube and shared some pointers on... Read More
Stay Home

Osceola County Announces Stay At Home Order

Osceola County officials have announced a stay at home order will go into effect beginning Thursday, March 26th at 11pm and last until Thursday, April 9th at 11pm. This stay at home order coincides with Orange County's order that was announced yesterday. See News 6 WKMG's video below for the... Read More

Orange County Mayor Demings Q&A With The Morning MIX

Beginning March 26, 2020 at 11PM, the "Stay At Home" order will go into effect for all of Orange County. When the order was announced, there were lots of questions with people wondering if they can still work, go to the grocery store and exercise outside. So, to help clear everything up, Orange... Read More
Board games

The 10 Best Board Games Of All Time

Now that we're all stuck at home, we're looking for anything fun to do with the family to pass the time. So, how about breaking out the box of board games and taking them on in a game of Monopoly or Life? Those are two of my personal favorites, but what are the top-ranked games of all-time?... Read More