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Universal Orlando Resort Is Building A Massive New Roller Coaster

Universal Orlando Resort is building a huge new roller coaster in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure. However, they have yet to announce this project. Yup. They're literally going vertical with a huge new roller coaster that's hard to miss and they haven't announced it yet. That's... Read More

Walt Disney World And SeaWorld Get Approval To Open

After nearly 2 months of closures, both SeaWorld Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort got the approval from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to reopen after presenting guidelines as to which they would operate. Both parks would require temperature checks, facial... Read More
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Life's Top 10 "Little Wins" That Instantly Make You Happier

You know those "Little wins" in life that make you smile, like finding money in your pocket or completing a task that's been bothering you? Well, a survey on life's "Little wins" found the average person has something unexpected and good happen to them three times a week. That little smile you get... Read More

Two-Thirds Of Us Rarely Get Enough Sleep

How far into your day do you get before you start thinking about how tired you are? Do you start daydreaming about that quick nap you might get to take at lunchtime or when you get home? A new poll found just under two-thirds of us rarely wake up feeling refreshed and 42% of Americans start feeling... Read More

It's National Burger Day And These Are Our Burger Preferences

I love a good burger and fortunately for us here in Central Florida, there are plenty of places to get a really good one! Well, in honor of "National Burger Day," a new survey from YouGov asked Americans all about their burger preferencesand here are the results: 1. 73% of us say we like burgers... Read More

I Went To The Gym Today And This Is What I Thought

With Florida reopening following weeks of closures due to COVID19, my gym finally opened this week. I did not workout there Monday or Tuesday instead I monitored friend's social media channels and asked them what they saw before I decided to venture out on my own. Many of my friends stated that... Read More

[BREAKING] Walt Disney World Proposes Reopening Plans

Walt Disney World has presented their reopening plans today. Walt Disney World theme parks will begin their phased reopenings starting with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios is planning to join the reopening on July 15th. The parks menttioned they will not... Read More