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Coconut Cream Cake

Check Out This Recipe For Coconut Cream Cake

This is a sponsored post by LaFe Foods. Lately I've realized how delicious coconut is. Not the cheap imitation stuff, but real coconut and coconut flavoring. I've also grown to enjoy the gritty texture coconut shavings and chips add to desserts, particularly ones that involve chocolate! After... Read More

Watch This Giant Whale And Her Calf Surprise Surfers!

Bring such a huge surf capital, we're more used to seeing sharks and dolphins while surfing. But man! This would definitely be something! In drone footage caught by a couple that was visiting Australia from the Netherlands, they came across a southern right whale and her calf surprising a group of... Read More

Watch These Dogs Get Together To Steal A Meal

There are always the trouble makers in the family. In this case, it's 3 dogs. Meet Hugo, Harley and Henry. Hugo, a corgi, has teamed up with his best boarder collie buds Harley and Henry, to steal a meal off their parent's stove. Literally the best partners in crime... Like how did they communicate... Read More

The Most Popular Baby Girl Names in the US From '50s to 2018!

A video starting circulating on Reddit, about the most popular girls names throughout the decades. I can say we've definitely come a long way, I don't think I'd go by what's popular... at the same time, I wouldn't name my child after a fruit. I also wouldn't name my child with different letters... Read More

Are Your More Clean Or More Gross Than The Average Person?

How relaxed on this whole "Work from Home" thing are you getting? Are you showering less? Not getting up and doing your hair or putting as much effort in? Well, if you're wondering how your personal hygiene compares to your friends and co-workers, here's what we know. An online survey on Reddit... Read More
Jay's Pantry

10 Foods You Shouldn't Store In Your Pantry, But You Probably Do

Chances are, if I checked your pantry right now, I'd see at least a few of these items. If you checked mine, you'd see several, LOL! A group of chefs on Food & Wine got together to share information on items you should never store in the pantry, plus their reason behind it. Check them out! Nuts... Read More
Pumpkin Spice

Can We Just Let People Enjoy Pumpkin Spice This Year?

I'll be the first to admit, I would drink pumpkin spice lattes on the beach. I LOVE pumpkin flavored everything. Coffees, pancakes, bread, muffins, chocolate, pie, etc. I have dozens of fall scented candles which mostly consist of some sort of pumpkin and every year, someone tries and spoil my fun... Read More
Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" - Red Carpet

"The Rock" Tops The List Of The World's Highest-Paid Actors

"The Rock" remains on top and he's making bank! For the second year in a row, Dwayne Johnson topped "Forbes" list of the highest paid actors making an estimated $87.5 million over the past year. Here's this year's Top 10, according to Forbes : 1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, $87.5 million 2. Ryan... Read More
Ed Sheeran performs in Perth

Ed Sheeran Is Going To Be A Dad!

Congratulations are in order for Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn! According to MSN , the two are expecting! The two were married in a private ceremony back in January of 2019. Because of the lockdown, the two have been able to lay low and keep the baby news quiet. However, now the pregnancy... Read More
Job Fair

The Orlando Virtual Job Fair Is August 11th and 12th

If you're in need of a job, look no further! There is a virtual job fair that will get you video interviews with area employers looking for their next hire! This one of a kind event is designed to help job seekers connect with employers face to face virtually during COVID-19 and get hired. For more... Read More